Neutral barium dinonylnaphthalene sulfonate Rust inhibitor lubricating oil additive

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The product is a kind of chocolate brown, semi-transparent semisolid, which has good oil solubility,readily adhered to metal surfaces to forms a protective film, preventing metal from corrosion and rusting. It has excellent anti-rust property for ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals.


Neutral Barium Dinonylnaphthalene Sulfonate (NBDNS) is a versatile lubricating oil additive that is widely used in the industry for its excellent rust and corrosion inhibiting properties. It's a neutral salt of dinonylnaphthalene sulfonic acid and barium, which is highly soluble in petroleum oils.

One of the primary applications of NBDNS is in the production of engine oils and hydraulic fluids. The use of NBDNS in these fluids helps to prevent rust and corrosion of metal surfaces, which is essential in many applications that involve high temperatures, pressures, and moisture.

Moreover, NBDNS is used as an additive in metalworking fluids. It helps to protect metal surfaces during machining and processing operations by preventing rust and corrosion. This improves the quality and durability of machined parts, reduces scrap, and increases manufacturing efficiency.

Another important application of NBDNS is in the production of greases and rust preventives. NBDNS helps to form a protective film on metal surfaces that prevents rust and corrosion even in harsh environments. This improves the service life of machines and equipment subjected to extreme conditions.

Additionally, NBDNS is considered environmentally friendly and safe. It's readily biodegradable and has low toxicity, which makes it an attractive choice for many applications.

Furthermore, NBDNS is compatible with most types of petroleum oils and other lubricating oil additives. It's easy to handle and can be added to lubricating oils in concentrations ranging from 0.1% to 5%, depending on the desired performance.

In conclusion, Neutral Barium Dinonylnaphthalene Sulfonate is an essential lubricating oil additive in the industry. Its excellent rust and corrosion inhibiting properties make it a popular choice for many applications, such as engine oils, hydraulic fluids, metalworking fluids, greases, and rust preventives. As the demand for high-performance lubricating oils continues to grow, the importance of NBDNS is likely to increase as well.



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Neutral barium dinonylnaphthalene sulfonate Rust inhibitor lubricating oil additive