China food grade cassava dextrin starch

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Resistant Dextrin

Resistant dextrin is a kind of dietary cellulose made from non-genetically modified pure natural corn flour and hydrolyzed polymer. It has the characteristics of low calorie and good solubility. It has a sweet taste, but does not have a bad smell.
Resistant dextrin can have various changes under the influence of high temperature and PH value, and can also be affected by the natural environment. Currently, it exists in the production and processing of food and beverage. Resistant dextrin is a kind of good soluble dietary fiber. The absorption of resistant dextrin is related to the activities of
Product Name
Food Additives Manufacturers Soluble Corn Dietary Fiber Soluble Resistant Corn Dextrin
White to light yellow powder
Food Additive
Shelf Life
24 months when properly stored
Kept in dry, cool and ventilated place
glucose and amylase.

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China food grade cassava dextrin starch