A smooth and unobstructed energy source - corn starch

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Corn starch, as a natural energy source, provides you with a long-lasting and reliable energy supply. It is finely processed from high-quality corn without any additives or chemical components, providing you with pure and healthy energy supply.
The unique advantage of corn starch lies in its stable energy release. When you consume corn starch, it will gradually be absorbed by the body and converted into energy that can be used by various organs of the body, providing you with long-lasting and stable power. This makes corn starch the preferred energy source for athletes, workers, and active individuals in daily life.

White or a little yellow shade amorphous powder
Not sweet or a little sweet
PH Value
Arsenic (mg/kg)
Lead (mg/kg)
Shelf life
2 years
Воскресенье понедельник вторник среда четверг пятница суббота
Январь, февраль, март, апрель, май, июнь, июль, август, сентябрь, октябрь, ноябрь, декабрь
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A smooth and unobstructed energy source - corn starch