Dimethyl maleate DMM CAS 624-48-6

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Dimethyl Maleate

Dimethyl maleate is an important organic chemical raw materials, used as a plasticizer, fat oil preservatives and synthetic organic materials. Dimethyl maleate through different catalytic hydrogenation process for the production of 1, 4 - butanediol, tetrahydrofuran, and succinic acid dimethyl 1, 4 - butylene glycol succinic acid dimethyl continue for the production of fully biodegradable plastic poly succinic acid butyl glycol ester (PBS).


Physical state
Melting point/freezing point
-19 °C.
Boiling point or initial boiling point and boiling range
202 °C. Atm. press.:1 atm.
Flash point
95 °C.
Auto-ignition temperature
330 °C. Atm. press.:99.2 kPa.
In water: 74.1 g/L. Temperature:10 °C. pH:4 - 4.3. Remarks:Standard deviation: 0.542, replicates of three days.;77.9 g/L.
Temperature:20 °C. pH:3.9 - 4.1. Remarks:Standard deviation: 3.37, replicates of three days.
Partition coefficient n-octanol/water
log Pow = 0.52. Temperature:35 °C.
Vapour pressure
48.1 Pa. Temperature:25 °C. Remarks:Calculated value (Modified Grain method).
Density and/or relative density
1.16 g/cm³.



  1. Chemical Industry: Dimethyl maleate is utilized as a key intermediate in the synthesis of various chemicals. It is commonly used in the production of polymers, resins, and specialty chemicals.
  2. Coatings and Adhesives: Due to its reactivity and cross-linking ability, dimethyl maleate is employed as a cross-linking agent in coatings and adhesives. It enhances the hardness, durability, and adhesion properties of the finished products.
  3. Pharmaceuticals: Dimethyl maleate is used in the pharmaceutical industry as a building block for the synthesis of pharmaceutical compounds. It plays a crucial role in the development of medicines and active pharmaceutical ingredients.


  1. Reactivity: Dimethyl maleate exhibits high reactivity, making it suitable for various chemical reactions and polymerization processes.
  2. Solubility: It is soluble in common organic solvents such as ethanol, acetone, and benzene, allowing for easy incorporation into different formulations.
  3. Stability: Dimethyl maleate has good stability under normal storage and handling conditions, ensuring consistent performance and shelf life.
  4. Versatility: Its versatile nature allows for a wide range of applications in different industries, offering flexibility and adaptability in various processes.


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Dimethyl maleate DMM CAS 624-48-6