Food Additive Cas 9000-92-4 Diastase

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Amylase is a class of enzymes that can break down starch and related polysaccharides. They play important digestive and metabolic roles in living organisms. Starch is a polysaccharide compound composed of glucose units. Amylase is able to break down starch into smaller molecules such as glucose, maltose and soluble dextrin. Amylase is mainly found in animals and plants, and can also be produced by microbial fermentation processes. In the human digestive system, amylase is secreted mainly by the pancreas and enters the small intestine where it reacts with starch in food. In this way, amylase helps the body digest and absorb starch, providing energy and nutrients. In addition, amylase is also widely used in industry. It is used in food processing, brewing and sugar making to improve the solubility, rheological properties and taste of products. Amylase can also be used in some applications in the textile, paper, biotechnology and medical fields.

Product Name
Tawny powder
Shelf Life
2 Years
Food Grade


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Food Additive Cas 9000-92-4 Diastase