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Chewing gum base is the main ingredient in chewing gum, providing the foundation for the chewy texture and flavor release. It's a complex blend of ingredients that provides elasticity, plasticity, adhesion, and flavor release to the gum.

The primary components of chewing gum base include synthetic polymers, natural waxes, and resins. These ingredients are blended together to create a uniform, homogeneous mass that can be shaped into the desired form.

One of the essential functions of chewing gum base is its ability to maintain the texture and consistency of the gum over an extended period. Its plasticity helps to keep the gum soft while also allowing it to stretch and resist tearing during chewing.

Moreover, chewing gum base provides adhesion, which helps to keep the gum attached to the teeth during chewing. It also allows the gum to stick to itself, making it easier to handle during production and packaging.

In addition to its functional properties, chewing gum base also serves as a carrier for flavorings and sweeteners. The base is formulated to release these ingredients gradually over time, providing a long-lasting, pleasant taste experience.

While the exact composition of chewing gum base varies depending on the manufacturer and product, all gums must comply with strict regulations and safety standards to ensure they're safe for consumption.

It's worth noting that chewing gum base is insoluble and indigestible, meaning that it passes through the digestive system without being absorbed. While this isn't harmful, it's important to dispose of gum wrappers and other packaging materials properly to prevent environmental pollution.

In conclusion, chewing gum base is a crucial ingredient in the production of chewing gum. Its functional properties, including elasticity, plasticity, adhesion, and flavor release, make it possible to create the chewy texture and long-lasting flavor that consumers love. Whether you're a fan of minty fresh or fruity flavors, chewing gum base is the foundation for your favorite gums and an essential ingredient in the confectionery industry.

White crystals
Glucose Content
≥ 99.5%
PH Value
Loss on drying
Sulfate Ash
Keep in dry and cool place
Shelf Life
24 months
Воскресенье понедельник вторник среда четверг пятница суббота
Январь, февраль, март, апрель, май, июнь, июль, август, сентябрь, октябрь, ноябрь, декабрь
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Gum base chewing gum base