China supply Polymer Polyol for Mattress Flexible Foam Polyurethane Raw Materials

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Polymer polyols are a special bonded dispersion system containing solid organic fillers.
In the process of foaming, these dispersed organic solid particles have three functions :(1) play the role of gas nucleating agent to make bubbles uniform and improve the foaming process; (2) attached to the bubble wall, weaken the bubble membrane, make the foam easy to open, increase the opening rate, prevent the foam contraction; (3) The graft copolymer particles are attached to the polyurethane network, which greatly improves the carrying capacity and strength of the foam network, and has little effect on other physical and mechanical properties of the foam.

Polymer polyols are mainly used to produce high load (HL) and high rebound (HR) soft block foam and molded foam for carpet underlay, furniture upholstery, vehicle seat cushion and automotive interior parts.The foam produced by using polymer polyol as raw material has high modulus, strength and deformation recovery rate. As a shock absorption and energy absorption buffer material, it is widely used in automobile bumpers, energy absorption panels and packaging materials for precision instruments.

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Polyether Polyol/PPG
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Polymeric Polyol/POP

Polymeric MDI
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China supply Polymer Polyol for Mattress Flexible Foam Polyurethane Raw Materials