Potato Resistant Modified Starch 25kg

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Product name: Potato starch
Appearance: Powder

Package: 25kg / bag, kraft paper bag or as requested

Our potato starch has passed ISO9001: 2008 Quality System Certification.

Potato Starch is made from cleaned Potato powder, filtered, precipitated, and dried with the resulting precipitate. Potato starch is widely used in food, feed, textile and petroleum extraction industries. Potato starch has natural properties that cannot be replaced by other starches, making it the product of choice for the starch further processing industry at home and abroad.


Food industry

1) Potato Starch is widely used in producing vermicelli, meat products, ham sausage, ice cream, fudge, crisp food, candy, etc.
2) Used in beer production, replace rice to be an excipient of beer production, and processed into beer syrup for replacing malt.
3) Used as anti-coagulant in white powdered sugar.
4) Mix potato starch with milk or water, we can get the liquid with special appearance and texture.
5) Widely used as coagulator in pudding, jelly and other foods.
6) Used as thickener Chinese dishes and French foods.
7) Added in flour for reducing the amount of gluten and flour ash, enhancing flour whiteness.


1) Potato starch is used as surface sizing agent in papermaking industry.
2) Potato starch is used as pulp material of warp sizing in textile industry.
3) In construction industry, potato is widely used as thickener and adhesive in coating.
4) Used in producing adhesive, such as paper adhesive, wood adhesive, carton adhesive, etc. It has the advantages of no corrosion, high strength, good moisture-proof, etc.
5) Used to produce environmental protection products, such as degradable plastics, plastic film, disposable degradable tableware, etc.
6) Used in mineral wool sound-absorbing board used as binder in production.
7) Used as inhibitor in ore flotation plant, such as inhibitor of iron oxide in the cationic reverse flotation of itabirite ore,
the gangue inhibitor in the anion flotation of phosphate ore, the gangue inhibitor in the flotation of sylvinite.

Botanical Source
Potato powder
100% pure
Light yellow powder
Flavor & Odor
Particle size
100% pass 80 mesh
Loss on Drying
Bulk density
Sulphated Ash
General Status
Total microbacterial count
Yeast & Mold



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Potato Resistant Modified Starch 25kg