PVC for injection moulding production of tubing elbows open shank

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PVC itself has a common extinction performance, after many processing still adhere to extinction. Mainly used in the extinction of hard products, matte, matte, calendering sheet, calendering film, blowing film. Artificial leather, hard board, sub-template, automotive paint, cable coat, wire skin, various hoses, cosmetic boxes, Christmas leaves, plastic shoes and containers, etc.
Extinction resin is a special material for processing low-gloss PVC products, which can be widely used in insulating cables, wires, telephone lines, speaker lines, extinction film, door and window seals, instrument panels and other deep processing products.
Product name
Recycled plastic particles
cylinder particles
Injection molding, rubber shoes, sealing rings, etc
Impact resistance, high fluidity, high gloss and good toughness

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PVC for injection moulding production of tubing elbows open shank