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Pearl is a kind of raw material that makes cold drinks more delicious and delicious. It adopts scientific ingredients and advanced technology, and is processed by concentration, seasoning and sterilization. It is made of high-quality fruits with high pulp content, rich taste and rich flavor. Hot and cold drinks have a very good taste. Good, it will not clump and layer when mixed with milk, it is the best partner for bread and cold drinks.
Storage Condition:Store in room temperature , cool, ventilated and dry place, avoid direct sunlight . Use as soon as possible after opening. If abnormal conditions (such as air leakage, etc.) are found in the package, please do not eat. Diabetics and children under three years old are not allowed to eat this product.
Cassava starch,Water,hydroxypropyl distarch phosphate, caramel colour(add
ammonia production),Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose, Food salt, guar gum,sodium
dehydroacetate ,Edible essence
Country of Origin
Shelf life
9 months
More flavors
Big Tapioca, Small Tapioca, Golden Tapioca, White Tapioca, Instant Boba, Taro Ball

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Bubble Tea Ingredients Tapioca Pearl