purity 99% White flake Trimethylolpropane free sample with CAS:77-99-6

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White flaky crystals. Soluble in water, glycerol, N,N-dimethylformamide, . Mainly used in alkyd resins, polyurethanes, unsaturated resins, polyester resins, coatings and other fields. It can also be used in the synthesis of aviation lubricants, printing inks, etc., and can also be used as textile auxiliaries and heat stabilizers for polyvinyl chloride resins.

Flake Trimethylolpropane (TMP) is a white crystalline powder that is widely used in the chemical industry as a building block for many types of chemicals. It's derived from the reaction of formaldehyde with propane and isobutylene.

One of the primary uses of TMP is in the production of polyols, which are used to make a variety of polyurethane products. Polyurethanes are a class of polymers that are commonly found in foams, adhesives, coatings, and elastomers. TMP is an important component in the production of these materials as it helps to improve their mechanical and thermal properties.

Moreover, TMP is a key ingredient in the production of alkyd resins, which are used in the manufacture of paints, varnishes, and other coatings. Alkyd resins are known for their durability, gloss, and weathering resistance, and TMP helps to improve their performance even further.

Another important application of TMP is in the production of synthetic lubricants. TMP is a key component in the synthesis of esters, which are used as base oils in synthetic lubricants. These lubricants are known for their superior performance under extreme conditions, such as high temperatures and pressures.

Additionally, TMP is used in the production of many specialty chemicals, such as fuel additives, plasticizers, and surfactants. Its unique properties make it a versatile building block that can be used in a wide range of chemical reactions.

Furthermore, TMP is considered a relatively environmentally friendly chemical. It's biodegradable and has low toxicity, which makes it a popular choice for many applications. Moreover, the process used to produce TMP has a relatively low environmental impact, as it uses renewable raw materials and produces minimal waste.

In conclusion, Flake Trimethylolpropane is a versatile and important building block in the chemical industry. Its unique properties make it an essential ingredient in the production of many types of polyurethane products, alkyd resins, synthetic lubricants, and specialty chemicals. As the demand for high-performance materials continues to grow, the importance of TMP is likely to increase as well.



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purity 99% White flake Trimethylolpropane free sample with CAS:77-99-6