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What is Maltitol?

Maltitol is a new kind of functional sweetener, since it has low quantity of heat, non cavities, difficult peptic, promote the absorption of calcium and other physiological characteristics, has attracted widespread attention. Maltitol, also known as hydrogenated maltose.Maltitol is a white crystalline powder or colorless, transparent, neutral viscous liquid that is soluble in water and insoluble in methanol and ethanol.Hygroscopicity is very strong, general commercialization is maltitol syrup.

Maltitol is a low calorie sweetener having the same sweetness as sucrose, high stability, high sweetness, good to produce all kinds of low calorie, low fat food and is also anti-cariogenic. Maltitol is a kind of polyol, has good taste, and is 90% of sucrose sweetness, very good to produce sweet food like sugar free confectionerym, gums, chocolate, bakery food and ice creams.

Food Industry
1 Bakery products and western - style cakes Products
2 Sweets Products
3 Pudding & Ice-cream Products
4 Beverages Products
5 Rice and Flour Products
6 Aquatic products & seafood
Cosmetics Industry
Trehalose can effectively protect the epidermis cell, effective against skin aging, gently moisturize skin, make the skin luster, bright, tender, smooth, naturally healthy and elasticity. Trehalose, as a new generation of super moisturizing will become a focus in the cosmetics consumption.

Product Name
Maltitol powder/syrup
Molecular formula
Cas No.
White crystal/powder/liquid
crystal20~30mesh powder 100mesh
25kg/bag 20kg/carton
Loss on drying
Heavey metal
Purity by HPLC



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Cheap Sweetener maltitol powder