What are some recommended affordable aromatherapy diffusers?

When choosing aromatherapy, the main thing is to look at the price/performance ratio, the quality is too low, and the experience is poor. It's too expensive, it's all brand premiums, it's not worth it. In fact, as long as you understand the raw materials of aromatherapy, you can choose good products with high cost performance.
1. Scented candles: essential oil + wax

1. Essential oils: Essential oils smell round and not pungent. At the same time, it has high concentration and high temperature resistance, and it burns very fragrant, and will not be decomposed by high temperature, resulting in no fragrance.
2. Types of wax materials: choose pure natural wax materials, soybean wax, coconut wax, beeswax, smokeless and harmless, healthy and environmentally friendly. Ratio of wax materials: The ratio of various vegetable waxes is moderate, burning does not hang on the wall, does not burn into craters, waste wax materials; does not burn in large fires, and reduces service life.
3. Sound: Aromatherapy is not only to increase the fragrance, but also to look at the burning candles, which is also a way to decompress. When burning, there is not only fragrance, but also increases the indoor atmosphere, watching the aromatherapy quietly, and there is also a slight sound of firewood, which is also a very soothing way to decompress.
Based on the above 3 points, I believe you will be able to pick a very cost-effective aromatherapy. Recommend the following one: the essential oil used has a very fresh fragrance and it burns very fragrant. For about half an hour every day, the house is full of fragrance. The wax material is made of purely natural wax material. After countless experiments, the ratio is slightly adjusted according to the seasonal temperature to make the aromatherapy burn more efficiently. Each aromatherapy uses natural chihua wood candle wicks to release relaxing and soothing sounds, which are not only fragrant and pleasant, but also decompressing and healing. Of course, the price is also extremely close to the people, and friends in need can buy it by themselves.

2. Fire-free aromatherapy: essential oil + solvent
The selection of essential oils is the same as above, followed by the identification of volatile solvents. At present, there are many kinds of volatile solvents on the market, and the quality is uneven.
Currently recognized as the best in the world, it can be degraded under natural conditions, with no peculiar smell and no residue.
At the same time, the volatilization speed is uniform, and the rattan cane is inserted into the bottle, and the fragrance can be continuously emitted for 24 hours, and the fragrance can be evenly diffused, making the fragrance softer and longer lasting, without making the fragrance too strong for a while, and then too weak for a while.
Friends in need can buy this one. A bottle can be used for several months, and the price is super high. The outer container is made of natural plants and flowers, which are purely handmade and carved with shapes of different scenes to create an indoor mini garden. Integrate natural fragrance and scenery into aromatherapy to create pure natural enjoyment. While exquisite and beautiful, the container can also be reused all the time, and you only need to buy a refill next time.