What is bovine collagen powder?

Bovine bone collagen peptide is a kind of collagen extracted from bovine bone, which is beneficial to human absorption and can effectively increase skin elasticity and bone strength. It can not only whiten skin, but also reduce osteoporosis caused by calcium deficiency. It is also rich in minerals, which can regulate the balance of electrolyte in the body. It can promote the repair of body cells and prevent cancer. However, eating too much may also stimulate the gastrointestinal tract, so people with weak spleen and stomach should eat less.

It is recommended to pay attention to balanced nutrition, eat more fresh vegetables, avoid smoking and alcohol, and sun more, which is helpful to supplement vitamin D, and pay attention to proper exercise, which is beneficial to health.

Collagen peptide powder currently has two forms: one is oral; The other is for external use. Collagen peptide powder, no matter how large it is, is a form of high molecular weight, especially for the barrier function of facial skin, so it is difficult for external collagen peptide powder to penetrate into the skin, and only maintain it on the skin surface, which may play a moisturizing role. Oral collagen peptide powder is related to its molecular weight. Most of the traditional oral collagen comes from pig skin, cow skin or tendon. Collagen peptide is converted into dipeptide or tripeptide in the intestine, and then absorbed into the blood through oligopeptide transport protein across the mesentery, and then into the skin.

Traditional dermatologists believe that it is difficult to maintain the curative effect of this macromolecular substance after it is absorbed through the intestine, but now there are many studies in South Korea, especially clinical trials, which found that some low-molecular-weight collagen peptides can improve skin hydration and have significant curative effect on skin wrinkles after oral administration. However, I advise you that when choosing collagen, oral administration is only a nutritional product, and cannot play a therapeutic role.