Maltose, also known as maltol or sweet maltol, is a natural polyol with sweet taste and multiple functions. It is made from cereal starch through enzymatic hydrolysis and hydroxymethylation reaction, and has the characteristics of low calorie, low blood sugar index, and no tooth decay.

The following are the main characteristics and applications of maltose alcohol:
Low calorie: the calorific value of maltose alcohol is only about half of sugar, which has a significant effect on controlling weight and blood sugar, and is very suitable for people who need to control calories and diabetes patients.
Don't think of tooth decay: maltose alcohol will not be metabolized by bacteria in the mouth, so it will not cause acidic environment and tooth decay.
Good solubility: maltose alcohol can be dissolved in water. It is porous, delicate, soft and mild. It can be used for making various sweets, chewing gum, chocolate, desserts, etc.

Strong crystallization resistance: maltose alcohol has better crystallization resistance when making ice cream and other frozen foods.
Other applications: maltose alcohol can also be used to make chewing gum, milk, dairy products, low-fat food, infant formula food and other foods and raw materials for the production of electronic cigarette liquid.
Low digestion and absorption rate: maltose alcohol is considered as a food with low GI (blood sugar index), and because of its low digestion and absorption rate, it can reduce the speed and amount of glucose absorption in the intestine.
Antibacterial effect: It can be found from the study that at low concentrations, maltose alcohol can inhibit the growth of some bacteria and fungi, so it can also be used as an antibacterial agent.

Can reduce the number of oral bacteria: maltose alcohol can be beneficial to oral health by inhibiting the growth of some bacteria in the mouth.
In short, maltose alcohol is not only widely used in the food field, but also has many health advantages. It has a broad application prospect in diabetes patients, dieters and oral health. However, it should be noted that excessive consumption can cause side effects such as gastrointestinal discomfort, so it is necessary to carefully control the intake when using.

In a word, as a natural polyol, maltose alcohol has many advantages, such as low calorie, no tooth decay, good solubility, strong crystallization resistance, etc. It can also be widely used in the production of food and electronic cigarette liquid, becoming a very important functional food additive.

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