Stevia rebaudiana (scientific name: Stevia rebaudiana) belongs to the small compositae plant, which is native to Guangdong, China.

Stevia rebaudiana is a familiar sweet ingredient, and it is also a common perennial herb at the border between Paraguay and Brazil in South America. The leaves of stevia rebaudiana contain a sweet substance called steviol. The refined steviol is a colorless and odorless crystal, and its sweetness is 200 times that of granulated sugar.

Due to low calorie, easily soluble in water or alcohol, and heat resistance, it can be described as a calorie free sugar substitute. It is a commonly used sweetener for diet or slimming food of diabetes patients.

Stevia, as a new sweetener, can be widely used in various food, beverage, medicine and daily chemical industries.

It is the main ingredient of local cooking. The local residents have used stevia leaves to make tea since ancient times, or added it to a variety of drinks, and used it to make herbs at the same time