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Diethylene glycol butyl ether is an organic compound with the molecular formula C8H18O3, HO(CH2)2O(CH2)2O(CH2)3CH3, which can be miscible with water in any ratio, soluble in ethanol, ether, oils and many others Organic solvents.

Physical state
Faint butyl odor
Melting point/freezing point
< -70 °C. Atm. press.:1 atm.
Boiling point or initial boiling point and boiling range
231 °C. Atm. press.:1 atm.
Lower and upper explosion limit/flammability limit
Lower flammable limit: 0.85% by volume; Upper flammable limit: 24.6% by volume
Flash point
93 °C. Atm. press.:1 atm.
Auto-ignition temperature
210 °C. Atm. press.:1 013.25 hPa.
Kinematic viscosity
dynamic viscosity (in mPa s) = 6.49. Temperature:20°C.
greater than or equal to 100 mg/mL at 68° F (NTP, 1992)
Partition coefficient n-octanol/water
log Pow = 1. Temperature:20 °C.
Vapour pressure
0.022 mm Hg. Temperature:25 °C.
Density and/or relative density
Ca. 955.3 kg/m³. Temperature:20 °C.
Relative vapour density
5.6 (vs air)


1. Due to its higher boiling point and lower volatilization rate, it can be used as a solvent for paints, inks, resins, etc., it can dissolve grease, dyes, resins, nitrocellulose, etc., and is also used in organic synthesis.

2. It is mainly used as a solvent for coatings, dyes, resins, etc. It is also used as an intermediate for plasticizers and as a diluent for hydraulic brake fluids. In addition, it is also used to produce piperonyl butoxy compounds. The oral LD50 of this product to rats is 6560mg/kg.

3. Mainly used as a solvent for paints, printing inks, stamp inks, oils, resins, etc., but also as metal detergents, paint removers, lubricants, automobile engine detergents, dry cleaning solvents, and epoxy resin solvents. , Drug extraction agent; used as a stabilizer for latex paint, an evaporation inhibitor for aircraft coatings, and a surface processing improver for high-temperature baking enamels, etc.
4. Solvents for nitrocellulose, varnishes, printing inks, oils, resins, etc. Plastic Intermediate.
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High Purity Butyldiglycol 112-34-5