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Calcium carbonate

In recent years, with the rapid development of rubber industry in China, increasing the amount of calcium carbonate.
1) Tires: light calcium carbonate and nanometer calcium carbonate are partly replace low structure carbon black and silica to force car tire rubber tyre (dosage of more than 70) and rubber tube, automobile tire cord fabric rubber, air barrier in plastic, rubber and rubber inner lining layer in order to reduce the production cost. In addition, nano calcium carbonate and super zinc oxide and used instead of ordinary zinc oxide can improve the car tire tread rubber tensile strength, tensile elongation, flexural performance and fatigue resistance performance.

Physical state
Solid. Powder.
Melting point/freezing point
825 °C. Remarks:Calcium carbonate (aragonite).;1 330 °C.
Boiling point or initial boiling point and boiling range
333.6ºC at 760mmHg
Noncombustible Solid
Flash point
Decomposition temperature
pH = 8 to 9
0.001 % (NIOSH, 2016)
Vapour pressure
0 mm Hg (approx) (NIOSH, 2016)
Density and/or relative density
2.93 g/cm³. Temperature:20 °C.;2.71 g/cm³. Temperature:20 °C.


Product Application

1.Paint & Coating
2.Paper making
3.Glass produce
4.Plastic,pipe and PVC relative products
5.Building materials
6.Silicone adhesive products


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Nano calcium carbonate cas no 471-34-1