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Naphthenic Acid

Naphthenic Acid is a type of organic acid that is derived from petroleum or coal tar sources. It is a mixture of carboxylic acids with varying carbon chain lengths and degrees of unsaturation. Naphthenic Acid is commonly available as a dark brown liquid or in solid form.
It is Light yellow to brown oil liquid with special smell.
Naphthenic acid is the name for an unspecific mixture of several Cyclopentyl and Cyclohexyl Carboxylic acids with molecular weight of 120 to well over 700 au. The main fraction are Carboxylic acids with a carbon backbone of 9 to 20 carbons. The naphthate fraction of the crude oil refined is oxidized and yields Naphthenic acid. The composition differs with the crude oil composition and the conditions during refined and oxidation.
Light yellow to brown oil liquid
special odor
Acid Value
Flash point
190kgs/drum, 15200/1x20'GP



  1. Petroleum Industry: Naphthenic Acid is widely used in the petroleum industry as an additive in lubricating oils, transformer oils, and other petroleum-based products. It helps enhance the lubricating properties, oxidation resistance, and thermal stability of these oils.

  2. Corrosion Inhibitor: Naphthenic Acid is utilized as a corrosion inhibitor in various industries, including oil and gas, metalworking, and water treatment. It forms a protective film on metal surfaces, preventing corrosion and extending the lifespan of equipment and infrastructure.

  3. Chemical Intermediates: Naphthenic Acid is employed as a raw material or intermediate in the synthesis of various chemicals. It serves as a building block for the production of surfactants, emulsifiers, dyes, plasticizers, and pharmaceuticals.

  4. Animal Feed Additive: Naphthenic Acid is sometimes used as a feed additive for livestock. It aids in improving digestion, nutrient absorption, and overall animal health.

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Naphthenic Acid With Low Price Cas 1338-24-5