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What is yeast?

Yeast is an egg-shaped single-cell fungus that is only visible with a microscope. It takes 20,000,000,000 (twenty billion) yeast cells to weigh one gram. To grow, yeast cells digest food and this allows them to obtain energy. When baking yeast-leavened bread, the yeast ferments the sugars in the flour and releases carbon dioxide. Because the dough is elastic and stretchable, the carbon dioxide cannot escape. The expanding gas causes the dough to inflate or rise.

Yeast Nutrition and Benefits

Yeast-rich foods can provide proteins and B vitamins. It is essential in keeping the digestive system healthy and in balance since yeast is present in the bacteria in your gut. The body gets help from yeast in absorbing vitamins and minerals that are found in food.

Fast Fermentaion, High Nutrition, Pure Natural 
Competitive Instant Active Dry Yeast price from Baking dry yeast factory
Used for fermenting all kinds of paste, such as bread and pizza.
Natural Yeast, Emulsifier (Meet the standard of Halal Certification)
Suitable for making salty bread (low sugar) and sweet bread (high sugar). 
0.8-1.2% for bakery bread. 0.3-0.5% for others.
Store in Cool & Dry Places.  Once opening,  the yeast should be stored in the refrigerator. You can store yeast in the freezer, which will pause its
activity and prolong its shelf life. Just be sure to place it in a well-sealed container before freezing. 
Shelf Life:
24 months from the date of production

How to Use
Mixing the yeast into flour, add water, and stir well. Or, knead with the paste as dough for fermenting.
Control the water temperature and the fermenting temperature at 35~38℃.
Avoid directly adding the bread yeast into oil or cold water.



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Bakery Instant Double Acting Baking Powder Yeast