Organic Vegan Pea Fiber Powder Yellow split peas fiber powder

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Pea dietary fiber is a very advantageous nutrient. Pea dietary fiber is rich in both soluble and insoluble fibers, providing our bodies with various functions and special effects.
Firstly, pea dietary fiber plays an important role in promoting digestive system health. Soluble fibers can absorb water, form gel like substances, increase volume in the intestines, help improve bowel movements, and prevent constipation problems. Insoluble fiber can accelerate intestinal peristalsis and promote the smooth passage of food through the digestive system.
Secondly, pea dietary fiber helps to control blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Soluble fiber can delay the absorption rate of food in the digestive tract, help stabilize blood sugar levels, and reduce blood sugar fluctuations. Meanwhile, soluble fibers can bind with cholesterol, helping to eliminate excess cholesterol in the body and thereby lowering cholesterol levels in the blood.
Finally, pea dietary fiber is also very beneficial for weight management. Due to the fact that soluble fiber can increase satiety and reduce appetite, consuming enough fiber can help control appetite and reduce the likelihood of overeating. In addition, fiber can also slow down the digestion process of food and prolong the duration of satiety.
The advantage of pea dietary fiber is that it not only provides multiple nutritional functions, but can also be easily consumed through foods in daily diet. Whether through eating peas or consuming foods rich in pea fiber, we can enjoy the benefits of this high-quality fiber.

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24 Months



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Organic Vegan Pea Fiber Powder Yellow split peas fiber powder