Application of corn starch in kitchen

Today's kitchen staple, cornstarch, plays a very important role. It not only thickens the food, but also adds texture and texture to the dish. Today, let's discuss the application of corn starch in the kitchen!

First, the most common use of cornstarch is to thicken soups. Whether it's chicken soup, tomato soup, or vegetable soup, only a small amount of cornstarch is needed to thicken the soup. This not only enhances the texture of the soup, but also allows the flavors of the ingredients to match better.

Secondly, cornstarch is also a good helper in making pastries and pasta. When making steamed buns, dumpling skins, or cakes, adding an appropriate amount of corn starch can make the dough more resilient and taste better. Moreover, the color of the opposite point of the corn starch also has a certain brightening effect, making the food look more attractive.

In addition, cornstarch can also be used in the production of sauces. If you want to make a delicious sweet and sour chicken, or stir fry seasonal vegetables, cornstarch adds a smooth texture to the sauce, while it also allows the sauce to better adhere to the ingredients and infuse each bite with delicious flavor.

In general, the application of cornstarch in the kitchen is very extensive. It can not only thicken, enhance aroma and color, but also make food more delicious. Of course, when using cornstarch, remember to control the portion size, to avoid using too much food taste too thick. I hope everyone can make good use of corn starch and cook more delicious dishes for their families!

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