Copper naphthenate (abbreviated as CuN), also known as copper naphthalate, copper petroate, molecular formula (C10H19COO)2Cu, is a complex of alkyl phenol polyoxyethylene ether, soluble in any hardness of water, acid and alkali resistant, has excellent performance of emulsification, leveling, wetting and diffusion, can be mixed with various types of surfactants and dye resin primary condensation. Copper naphthenate is produced by co-solubilizing copper oxide or copper carbonate with naphthenic acid, or by complex decomposition reaction of soluble copper salt and sodium naphthenate. Commercial copper naphthenate contains 6%-8% copper, dark green viscous substance, insoluble in water, soluble in petroleum solvents, with a special moldy odor, low toxicity to humans and animals, relatively stable chemical properties, is an efficient, low toxicity, environmentally friendly wood preservative.



It is mainly used in the anti-corrosion of joinery, horticulture and shipbuilding materials, and has a strong ability to prevent the attack of sea-borne bore animals. As an anti-fouling paint exudation additive, it can be used in ship anti-fouling paint to toughen the paint film and increase the effectiveness of anti-fouling agent exudation rate. It can achieve the purpose of regulating and controlling the seepage of antifouling agent.