Brown rice syrup has a wide range of applications and can be used to replace traditional sucrose or corn syrup. Here are some common applications of brown rice syrup:
Baking: brown rice syrup is a natural binder and humectant, making it an ideal substitute for vegetarian cake baking. It can replace traditional sugars in cakes, cookies, pudding, and muffins. When using brown rice syrup, it is important to remember to reduce the liquid content by 1/4 to balance its sweetness and viscosity.
Seasonings and marinades: The thick texture and sweetness of brown rice syrup make it a good choice for making marinades and meat or vegetable sauces. It can add a unique caramel flavor and color, while also helping to increase lubricity and adhesion.
Beverage: Brown rice syrup can be directly added to coffee or tea, fully blending its rich flavor. It is also widely used in making cocktails and smoothies, adding a natural sweetness and taste to beverages.
Food ingredient: Brown rice syrup can be used as a natural food ingredient, with the characteristics of increasing color, taste, and sweetness. It can also serve as a healthy substitute for high calorie and low nutritional value crisps and other snacks.
In summary, brown rice syrup is an extremely versatile natural sweetener that can be used in daily cooking and baking, and provides a healthier alternative. Whether at home or in a commercial kitchen, brown rice syrup is a versatile ingredient worth trying out