What's the difference between cocoa butter and cocoa butter substitute?

Cocoa butter is the natural fat in cocoa beans.

In order to achieve the taste, texture and organization of cocoa butter substitute, the process of hydrogenation is generally adopted. And this hydrogenated vegetable oil contains a large amount of trans fatty acids, which can cause coronary heart disease, venous sclerosis and other diseases. Many countries have begun to restrict the use of trans fatty acids.

Cocoa butter substitute is a hard oil obtained from selected palm kernel oil through high technology cooling and separation, and then through special hydrogenation, rapid cooling refining.

Generally, the more concentrated the cocoa butter, the better the taste of the chocolate, but pure cocoa butter, which is made from cocoa fruit, is expensive, and it's not easy to keep at room temperature, so some substitute cocoa butter is added to improve the solidification and reduce the cost but substitute cocoa butter is added with standard, You know, there's some really cheap chocolate that tastes really bad that uses all the cocoa butter and if you want to know if the chocolate is good, just hold the chocolate in your hand, if it softers really fast that's good, it's made with a lot of cocoa butter, only real cocoa butter can make really strong chocolate.

The cocoa butter used in chocolate is extracted from the natural cocoa fruit, which has a smooth taste and an even and orderly melting in the mouth (the melting point of the cocoa butter is 33 degrees Celsius), accompanied by a strong cocoa aroma. Many people are scared when they hear it as a fat, but cocoa butter is an unsaturated fatty acid.

The structure of substitute cocoa butter is very different from that of natural cocoa butter. It is a very complex fatty acid.

Substitute cocoa butter is poor tasting, odorless, and usually has a higher melting point than cocoa butter.

In the list of ingredients of formal enterprises, there is an item called vegetable oil, which is cocoa butter substitute. Why add cocoa butter substitute? Cocoa butter substitute is not necessarily added in every product, because the manufacturer is to adapt to different regions of the sales, cocoa butter melting point is relatively low, it is easy to melt, in the formula of the product appropriate to add a little cocoa butter substitute to improve the melting point of the product, adapt to the hot market in this region.