high fructose corn syrup

The sweetness of high fructose corn syrup is comparable to that of sucrose and invert sugar. It can be used in food instead of sucrose and invert sugar, and its cost is low

There are two basic principles of enzyme immobilization technology for commodity production:

1. Cultivate saccharomycetes under deep aeration. Adjust the pH of the fermenting mash put into the tank and heat it to fix glucose isomerase in the bacteria. Filter and wash with water. The filter cake is dried, and then pumped into the pressurized blade filter with the mixture of glucose, MgSO4 and NaHSO3 containing corn starch hydrolysate until each blade is coated with a layer of solid phase enzyme preparation with a thickness of 2.54~3.81 cm. This filter is used as the reactor.

2. Adsorption of glucose isomerase on DEAE cellulose or other adsorbent. The powder is filtered on a pressurized blade filter, which acts as a reactor. The corn syrup is pumped into the reactor to control the flow rate at 45% of glucose to fructose. When the activity of solid isomerase preparation gradually decreases, the flow rate gradually decreases, so that 45% of glucose is still converted into fructose.