Starch, a product processed from potatoes, has a wide range of uses, including food and pharmaceuticals.
It can be used as a thickener for marinating meat and sauces.
Potato starch is known as the "king of starch", with characteristics such as high whiteness, high transparency, high viscosity, low gelatinization temperature, high degree of polymerization, low protein, low fat residue, low acidity, good film-forming properties, and anti settling properties. Potato starch, as a high-end food raw material, is widely used in various industrial fields such as food, medicine, petrochemical, papermaking, textile, feed, fermentation, casting, building materials, etc. It is mainly used as a food additive and auxiliary material. In industrial applications, it is widely used as an emulsifier, thickener, water retaining agent, wrapping agent, puffing agent, excipient, disintegrating agent, coating agent, sizing agent, adhesive, etc.
Potato starch has a wide range of uses, including edible use, processing into vermicelli, and being used in fields such as medicine, chemical engineering, and papermaking.
1. Starch can be used to make homemade paste.

2. It is a commonly used ingredient in cooking, and generally speaking, thickening is done with starch.

3. The energy provided to the human body.

4. Hydrogen production.

5. Excellent thickener for sauce.

6. Potato starch is also often used in the candy industry.

Potato starch can be processed into vermicelli and can also be used in medicine and chemical industry.