Cocoa butter, also known as cocoa white off, is a very unique creamy yellow hard natural vegetable fat taken from the cocoa liquor mass. In addition to its strong and beautiful unique aroma, cocoa butter is also quite firm and brittle below 15℃. Cocoa butter melts quickly in the mouth and does not feel greasy at all; moreover, unlike other general vegetable fats, it is not susceptible to rancidity. Cocoa butter is the ideal fat for chocolate and has almost all the advantages of vegetable fats.
Cocoa butter is mainly composed of 98% glycerol triglycerides, 1% free fatty acids, 0.3% glycerol diesters, 0.2% monoglycerides, 150mg/kg~250mg/kg tocopherols and 0.05%~0.13% phospholipids, of which glycerol triglycerides are the main component of cocoa butter.