Corn starch has a unique appearance and texture when mixed with water or milk, and is often mixed with powdered sugar as an anti-caking agent.
Corn starch is often used as a coagulant for foods such as puddings. Cornstarch is commonly found in ready-made pudding mixes on the market. Simple cornmeal pudding can be easily made with ingredients such as milk, sugar, cornmeal, and flavor enhancers using a double boiler.
Corn starch is also used as a thickener in Chinese and French dishes. The "thickening" (also known as thickening sauce) in Chinese cuisine is generally made from cornstarch and water.
Corn starch also has a variety of uses in the manufacture of environmentally friendly products. For example, in 2004 Japan's Pioneer released a Blu-ray disc made of cornstarch, which degrades naturally.