Urea is a fertilizer containing high concentrations of nitrogen, which plays an important role in plant growth. The main functions of urea are:
Promote plant growth: Urea is rich in nitrogen, which can provide the nutrients needed for plant growth, promote plant growth and development, and make branches and leaves more lush.
Increasing yield: Moderate application of urea can increase plant yield, making the fruits fuller, more brightly colored, and of better quality.
Regulating plant growth process: Urea can also regulate plant growth process, such as inhibiting the dormancy period of winter wheat, and can make crops mature in a relatively short period of time.
In addition to being an important agricultural fertilizer, urea also has a wide range of applications. According to [1], urea, as an important chemical raw material, has extensive applications in fields such as plastics, fibers, rubber, pharmaceuticals, etc. In addition, urea can also be used for applications such as ice melting agents, cleaning agents, disinfectants, etc.
The use of automotive urea technology requires a urea hydrolysis device or SCR catalyst, which is usually installed on the rear or chassis of the vehicle and requires the addition of automotive urea solution after each refueling. Specifically, automotive urea is usually added in the form of a urea aqueous solution called AdBlue, and the quality standards of AdBlue are mainly set by European Union standards.
It is worth noting that AdBlue can also be used in other fields in some countries and regions, in addition to being used for exhaust gas treatment of diesel vehicles. For example, in Europe, AdBlue can also be used as a fertilizer in agricultural production, as its urea content can serve as a nitrogen source for plants, helping to improve their yield and quality; In industrial production, AdBlue can also be used as purified water, cleaning agent, etc.
In short, automotive urea technology is an effective way to reduce the concentration of NOx emitted by diesel vehicles, which can protect the environment and improve air quality. With the improvement of environmental awareness and the promotion of environmental regulations, vehicle urea technology will be increasingly widely used in various diesel vehicles, becoming a very important green transportation mode