Cocoa powder is a food raw material, and the national standard gives strict regulations on its production. In the absence of testing instruments, it is possible to judge whether it is good or bad by simple methods, mainly from its color, smell, fineness and fat content.

Odor identification

1. The smell of natural cocoa powder is a natural cocoa fragrance, which is a light fragrance. For cocoa powder with strong aroma or burnt taste, it is a poor quality powder.
2. The odor of alkalized cocoa powder should be normal cocoa flavor, and its aroma is stronger than that of natural cocoa powder, but there is no burnt smell. If the aroma of alkalized cocoa powder is too strong or has a burnt taste, it is a poor quality powder.
3. The smell of cocoa black powder is similar to that of alkalized cocoa powder, because black powder is the heavy alkalization in alkalized cocoa powder, and it is easy to have a burnt smell.