What is the use of spinach powder?


Spinach powder is made from spinach. Spinach is also known as bornwood, red root vegetable, Persian grass, parrot vegetable, rat root vegetable, horn vegetable; Taproot long thick, red, sweet, triangular ovate leaves, thick green, base leaves and stem small leaves longer than the stalk and fleshy. Spinach stems and leaves are soft, tender, delicious and fresh. It contains rich vitamin C, carotene, protein, iron, calcium, phosphorus and other minerals. Spinach sweet, cool, into the large intestine, stomach meridian; It has the effect of tonifying blood and stopping bleeding, benefiting the five zang organs, smoothing the stomach and intestines, regulating the middle qi, activating the blood vessels, quenching thirst and moistening the intestine, collecting Yin and moistening dryness, nourishing Yin and calming the liver, and assisting digestion.


  1. The finished product is uniform and meticulous, stable character, good solubility, low moisture content, can extend the storage period.
  2. Original flavor, quality assurance, good solubility, no stratification.
  3. Keep the color, aroma, taste and nutrition of spinach, can provide rich taste of spinach, is a good helper of food ingredients.
  1. Cleaning the intestines and intestines: Spinach powder is rich in oils, which can lubricate the intestines, clean up the garbage in the intestines, and promote the intestinal peristalsis, so people can eat it to clean the intestines.
  2. Reducing phlegm and relieving cough: There are some natural medicinal ingredients in spinach powder, which can eliminate inflammation in human body, expand trachea, dilute sputum, and reduce the symptoms of cough and phlegm as soon as possible. In addition, spinach powder is a kind of natural Chinese medicine, it can enter the lung meridian, can relieve lung heat or lung dryness.
  3. Nourishing Qi and blood: spinach powder is a kind of food with particularly high iron content. After people eat it, they can absorb and use trace elements of iron as soon as possible, which can meet the needs of human hematopoietic system for this substance, and the symptoms of human qi and blood deficit and anemia can be significantly reduced.
  4. Calcium and bone strengthening: spinach powder not only contains trace elements of iron, it also contains rich trace elements of calcium and phosphorus, can meet the normal development of human bones in the need of calcium and phosphorus.