1. Both menthol and demulcent menthol are used as flavoring agents in toothpaste, perfumes, beverages and candies. In medicine as a stimulant, acting on the skin or mucous membranes, it has a cooling and antipruritic effect; internally it is used as an anthelmintic for headaches and inflammation of the nose, throat and pharynx. Its ester is used in spices and medicines. In the world, China and Brazil are the main natural mint production park, the annual production of mint oil both reach 2000-3000t.
2. Widely used in daily flavors, edible flavors, tobacco flavors. Generally in chewing gum 1100mg/kg; in candy 400mg/kg; in baked goods 130mg/kg; in ice cream 68mg/kg; in soft drinks 35mg/kg.
3. It has bactericidal and antiseptic effects.
4. Used as a special additive for therapeutic cosmetics. Used in flower lotion, etc. It can also be used as flavoring agent for toothpaste, perfume, beverage and candy, etc. Used in candy, beverage, spice and medicine.