2,2-Bis(hydroxymethyl) propionic acid

2,2-Dihydroxymethyl propionic acid is a chemical substance with the molecular formula C5H10O4
Appearance White powder
Hydroxyl content % ≥99
Hydroxyl value,mgKOH.g-1 815~870
Melting point ℃ ≥180℃
Chromaticity(PT-CO) ≤150#
Moisture% ≤0.3
Ash% ≤0.03
Residual aldehyde% ≤0.03
Acid value mgKOH/g 410.0-418.0

Main Applications

Dihydroxymethyl propionic acid is a multi-purpose organic raw material. It is used as a chain extender in the manufacture of waterborne polyurethane, and also can make polyurethane self-emulsifying performance, which can make self-emulsifying waterborne polyurethane with excellent stability. It is also used in the preparation of polyurethane water emulsion leather finishing agent, which is an upgrade of the traditional water emulsion polyacrylate leather finishing.

Propionic acid is used as an additive to improve polyester resin and as a raw material to manufacture photosensitive resin and liquid crystal. It is used in epoxy ester coating, polyurethane elastomer and powder coating. Polyurethane elastomer and powder coatings as well as used in the manufacture of magnetic materials and their adhesives to produce audio tapes, video tapes, computer tapes, data recording tapes and magnetic cards, etc.