The concept of glucose syrup

Glucose syrup is a kind of starch syrup produced by the action of enzymes or acids with the main ingredients of glucose, maltose, maltotriose, maltotetrasaccharide and above tetrasaccharide. Also known as liquid glucose, glucomannan syrup .

Also known as dextrose. A monosaccharide, containing aldehyde group has been sugar. Solid state is white crystals, slightly sweet when dissolved in water, with spin, its aqueous solution spin to the right. It is widely found in living organisms and is a component of some disaccharides (such as sucrose, maltose, etc.) and polysaccharides (such as starch, cellulose, etc.). Glucose syrup is produced from the hydrolysis of starch, and in the 1960s microbial enzymatic methods were applied to produce glucose. This was a major innovation with clear advantages over acid hydrolysis. In the production raw materials do not have to be refined, no acid- and pressure-resistant equipment is needed, and the sugar solution has no bitter taste and high sugar yield. In food industry, glucose can be processed by isomerase to produce fructose, especially fructose syrup containing 42% fructose, which is as sweet as sucrose and has become an important product in current sugar industry.


1.Application in confectionery Liquid glucose has mild and moderate sweetness, good anti-crystallization, anti-oxidation, moderate viscosity, good chemical stability, which is widely used in confectionery industry.
2. Liquid glucose has high viscosity, which can be used in canned fruits, juice drinks and edible syrups to improve the consistency and palatability of the products.
3. Liquid glucose has high hygroscopicity and can be used in soft candy, bread and pastry to keep the product fluffy, improve the taste and prolong the shelf life of the product.
4. Liquid glucose has the advantages of anti-crystallization and low freezing point, which can be used in the production of cold drinks to improve the taste and quality of the products.
5. As liquid glucose has high osmotic pressure and high sweetness, it is used as sweetener in dried fruit, preserves, jam, canned fruit juice and cream food, which has the advantages of long shelf life and the taste of the product is not easy to change.
6. Liquid glucose in baked foods: liquid glucose has good reducing property, low chemical stability in neutral and alkaline condition, easy to decompose by heat to produce colored substances, also easy to start caramelization reaction with protein nitrogenous substances to produce brown caramel, with unique flavor, due to high fermentable sugar, it is good for food fermentation in baking industry.