Cocoa butter benefits and effects

Cocoa butter is extracted and made from cocoa and is mainly a component of coffee. This cocoa ester is a natural fat that can be effectively absorbed by the body and has a good antioxidant effect, eliminating hyperpigmentation in the facial area. It contains a certain amount of fat, which can provide the body with abundant energy to ensure the body's metabolism, and this cocoa butter can also promote the differentiation of the skin, which can effectively prevent the appearance of stretch marks and growth atrophy lines

The dangers and benefits of cocoa butter

Causes indigestion: Cocoa butter contains a large amount of protein and synthetic fat, which are difficult or impossible for the body to digest. A one-time intake of large amounts of cocoa butter is likely to cause abdominal pain and diarrhea, and long-term intake of large amounts of cocoa butter will also increase the digestive burden on the stomach, leading to indigestion and other symptoms.
Benefits: Promotes blood circulation, removes skin aging and excess keratin, improves skin pigmentation, increases skin elasticity and collagen, and the strong chocolate aroma not only relieves fatigue, but also increases hormone secretion