Dimethyl maleate 

Dimethyl maleate is a colorless oily liquid, which is an important organic chemical raw material, used as plasticizer, fat oil preservative and organic synthesis raw material.

Main purpose

1. It is used as a plasticizer for polymer monomer and synthetic resin. It is also used to make pesticides, fungicides, anti rust additives, etc. It is also used as an organic solvent.

2. Raw materials for producing paint, adhesive, copolymer and film intermediates, and producing dimethyl succinate (used for pigments).

Properties and stability

1. Keep away from oxides. Prevent inhalation of vapours or contact with skin. Dimethyl maleate can burn. It is heated with iodine or potassium in ether solution to form dimethyl fumarate.

2. It exists in flue gas.