The function of vitamin b5

Vitamin B5 is helpful to alleviate allergic symptoms; Manufacturing and renewal of body tissues; Relieve nausea symptoms; Helps to heal the wound; It can produce antibodies against infectious diseases; Treatment of postoperative shock; Prevent fatigue and help to resist pressure; It alleviates the toxicity of various antibiotics.

It is a vitamin medicine and a component of coenzyme A. Among the mixed calcium pantothenate, only the dextromer has vitamin activity and participates in the metabolism of protein, fat and sugar in the body. It is used for vitamin B deficiency, peripheral neuritis, and intestinal colic after surgery.

It can participate in the production of energy in the body and control the metabolism of fat. It is an essential nutrient for the brain and nerves. It helps the secretion of anti stress hormones (steroids) in the body. It can keep skin and hair healthy.

Vitamin B5 is also a nutritional supplement. It is mainly used in medicine, food additives and feed additives. It is an indispensable trace substance for human and animals to maintain normal physiology.