Advantages of maltitol
(1) Does not cause cavities
Like other polyols, maltitol does not cause dental caries and is not metabolized by oral bacteria, which break down sugars and starch to
This release can cause tooth decay or acid that corrodes the enamel
This oral health benefit of maltitol and other sugar alcohols, including xylitol, has been recognized by various health groups/associations worldwide.
(2) Less calories than sugar
Due to the slow absorption of maltitol by the body, some of the ingested substances reach the large intestine, where fewer calories are generated by metabolism.
Therefore, maltitol has only 2.1 calories per gram, almost half the calorie value of sucrose, and can be used to produce sugar-free products, especially
It is sugar free chocolate, candy, and ice cream.
(3) Good for diabetes patients
Malitol significantly reduces blood sugar and insulin levels associated with glucose intake, as it is slowly absorbed.
In addition, its low calorie value makes it an ideal choice for patients with diabetes (it can be used to control blood sugar, weight and blood fat is the management of diabetes
The main objective of the project).
Before choosing foods sweetened with maltitol and other sugar alcohols, patients should discuss the use of these polyols with diabetes experts, because
Some products may contain other ingredients that are detrimental to improving diabetes.
(4) Good safety
In 1985, the European Union (EU) Food Science Committee conducted a comprehensive evaluation of sweeteners and concluded that maltitol can be safely used as a sweetener
Food additives.
Although there is no daily intake limit for its use, significant consumption of this substance (over 100 grams per day) may increase diarrhea