What is the difference between baking powder and Fermentation powder?

The baking powder is composed of baking soda, acid powder and corn powder. There are several formulas. Now there are many formulas without alum on the market, such as replacing Mingji with disodium dihydrogen pyrophosphate and gluconate lactone as the phenolic flavor agent of baking powder. Fermentation powder, also known as yeast powder, is mainly composed of yeast, vegetable oil, food additives such as sorbitol monostearate, vitamin C and arabic gum.

There is a big difference between baking powder and Fermentation powder. As a chemical starter, baking powder will react with water or heat to release carbon dioxide, which will make food start and become fluffy in a short time. Fermented powder is a microbial starter. These microorganisms are beneficial microorganisms. Under certain temperature and humidity, they will multiply in large numbers to decompose starch into dextrin, and then into maltose, glucose, etc., which can produce a large amount of carbon dioxide gas and thus produce dough. Although baking powder and Fermentation powder have the same effect on food production, baking powder and Fermentation powder are completely different substances.

The working principle of baking powder is acid-base neutralization. It will react as long as it meets water and a certain temperature. Its main function is to make the pasta start quickly, so as to make the food fluffy. The reason why baking powder should be added with acid powder and corn powder on the basis of baking soda is to neutralize the alkalinity of baking soda and maintain the acid-base balance of baking powder, which can increase the generation of carbon dioxide, and the dough puffing process is more obvious and faster. The baking powder is often used to make steamed buns, steamed buns, or bread and cakes in Chinese food. During the process of making these pastries, the dough can be fermented quickly, and finally the puffy food we see can be made. It can be said that the baking powder plays an indispensable role and plays an important role in making pastries

Yeast in the fermentation powder is a kind of beneficial microorganism, which can reproduce in a large amount under certain conditions. These yeasts will start to grow and reproduce after entering the wet dough. Because the yeast body can secrete various substances, these substances can decompose starch into dextrin, and then decompose into maltose, glucose, etc., and finally produce a large amount of carbon dioxide gas, These carbon dioxide gases will be distributed in the gluten of the dough, making the gluten become like a sponge.