Daily chemical modified starch is used in facial cleanser, beauty cream, lotion, shampoo, toothpaste, shower gel, facial mask, etc.
Daily chemical modified starch has functions such as chelation, ion exchange, polycationic flocculation, etc., and can be used as stabilizer, fiber finishing agent and stain-carrying agent in detergent formulations. Its descaling effect is obviously better than that of daily chemical modified starch, and its dirt diffusing ability is excellent, especially the anti-soil re-precipitation effect on hydrophobic synthetic fiber fabrics. In the cosmetic industry, the daily chemical modified starch is used as a water-fixing or water-absorbing and water-retaining sizing material for the manufacture of anti-acne pharmaceutical preparations and the manufacture of skin cleansers. In toothpaste, the daily chemical modified starch can form a three-dimensional polymeric network structure, which can ensure the storage stability of the paste in the tube, prolong the shelf life, improve the uniformity and surface finish of the paste, and reduce the power of the paste conveying. Daily chemical modified starch is easily biodegradable, safe and environmentally friendly.