1、Used in non-alcoholic beverages. These beverages are also called soft drinks, mainly carbonated drinks, juice drinks, tea drinks, sports drinks, dairy drinks and so on. The products with the application of fructose glucose syrup have crisp taste and good flavor; and are mild and odorless, with good transparency and no turbidity. Since fructoglucose syrup is made by ion exchange resin, it has low ash content, very little precipitate and flocculent, good stability, unlike sucrose which will be transformed at low pH value. It can replace sucrose with 1:1 dry basis in the formulation.
2. For alcoholic beverages. This category includes fruit wines processed with fructose syrup; such as wine, cider, fruit dew, yellow wine; other preparations such as beer, champagne, etc. After pretreatment, the product can avoid precipitation, good transparency, and significant honey flavor when using high sugar level preparation (above 20 degrees).
Fructose syrup is highly soluble, easy to dissolve, convenient to use, and can simplify the production process for products that require reducing sugar. When using sucrose, it is necessary to add acid to convert sucrose into fructose and glucose first.