Organic bentonite

Organic bentonite is an inorganic mineral / organic ammonium complex, bentonite as raw material, the use of bentonite in the montmorillonite lamellar structure and its ability to dissolve and disperse in water or organic solvents into colloidal level viscous particles characteristics, made by ion exchange technology inserted organic covering agent. Organic bentonite can form gel in all kinds of organic solvents, oils, liquid resins, with good thickening, thixotropy, suspension stability, high temperature stability, lubricity, film-forming properties, water resistance and chemical stability, in the coating industry has important applications. It is also widely used in paint and ink, aviation, metallurgy, 'chemical fiber, petroleum and other industries.



Organic bentonite is a compound of organic quaternary ammonium salt and natural bentonite, which is a fine chemical product developed in recent years. The main characteristics of organic bentonite are swelling, high dispersion and thixotropy in organic media. In the coating, organic bentonite is generally used as an anti-sinker, thickener, used as metal anti-corrosion coatings, with corrosion resistance, wear resistance, salt water erosion, impact resistance, not easy to wet and other characteristics; in the textile industry, organic bentonite is mainly synthetic fiber dyeing auxiliary; in high-speed printing ink, according to the need to adjust the consistency of ink, viscosity and control permeability; in drilling, organic bentonite can be As emulsion stabilizer; In high temperature grease, organic bentonite is especially used to prepare high temperature grease suitable for high temperature and long time continuous operation.