Baking powder

Baking powder is a compound additive, mainly used in the production of pasta and puffed food products. Baking powder contains many substances, the main components of which are sodium bicarbonate and tartaric acid. It is usually a compound of carbonate and solid acid. When the carbonates come in contact with water and acid, they dissociate into several substances. During this process, carbon dioxide is released, but no flavor substances are produced. Therefore the taste of the product is not affected.

Fermentation method

There are generally three types of fermentation methods used to make fermented dough: old yeast, fresh yeast, and baking powder. Fresh yeast and baking powder are commonly used at home. Pay serious attention to the aluminum content in baking powder, the aluminum contained in food exceeding the national standard can be harmful to human body.

Both yeast and baking powder have the function of fermentation, but there is a fundamental difference.

Yeast is a pure biological fluffy agent, is a kind of active microorganism, no harm to the human body; and chemical baking powder is a chemical fluffy agent, generally refers to baking soda, stinky powder, alum, baking powder and several other substances.