Cocoa powder is also a cocoa product obtained from the direct processing of cocoa beans. Cocoa cake is obtained after partial removal of cocoa butter from the cocoa liquor block by pressing, and the brownish-red powder obtained by sieving after crushing the cocoa cake is cocoa powder. Cocoa powder is divided into high, medium and low fat cocoa powder according to its fat content; it is divided into natural powder and alkalized powder according to different processing methods. Various specifications of cocoa powder, the color from light brown to dark red. Cocoa powder has a strong cocoa aroma and is used directly in the production of chocolate and beverages.

The material necessary to make chocolate cake is pure cocoa powder with no other material added, and what is generally sold in supermarkets is beverage punch with sugar and milk powder added, which is not suitable for use. It can also deepen the color of the chocolate cake.