Black sesame powder is a food ingredient made from roasted and ground black sesame. It usually has a light sesame aroma and a nutty taste, making it a nutritious natural food.
Black sesame powder contains various nutrients, including protein, vitamin E, B vitamins, as well as various mineral elements such as calcium, magnesium, and iron, all of which have important physiological effects in the human body. For example, vitamin E can resist oxidation and delay aging; B vitamins have the effect of promoting metabolism and enhancing immunity; And minerals such as calcium and magnesium help maintain bone health and nourish blood.
Black sesame powder can be used as a nutritious ingredient and can be added to various cuisines for food creation. For example, it can be added to flour to make black sesame Mantou, cakes, etc; It can also be eaten with milk, soybean milk, etc., or used to make traditional food such as black sesame soup.
It should be noted that although black sesame powder is nutritious, it also contains high fat and calories, so it is necessary to control the dosage appropriately during the consumption process. In addition, some poor production and processing processes may affect the quality of black sesame powder, so it is necessary to choose legitimate products when purchasing.