Synthesis method

The paraffin or diesel fraction of crude oil containing naphthenic oil is washed with alkali to obtain an "alkali residue" containing sodium naphthenate, which is acidified with sulphuric acid and washed with water to obtain crude naphthenic acid, which is then distilled twice to obtain refined naphthenic acid.

Main uses

The product is mainly used for the production of naphthenic acid salts, its sodium salt is a cheap emulsifier, agricultural growth aid, decontamination agent for the textile industry; lead, manganese, cobalt, iron, calcium and other salts are drying agents for printing inks and paints; copper salts, mercury salts are used as wood preservatives and pesticides, fungicides; aluminum salts are used for grease and naphthenic gasoline and flares. Its nickel, cobalt, molybdenum salts can be used as organic synthesis catalysts and catalysts, certain salts can also be used as additives for special oils, high carbon number aliphatic esters of naphthenic acid are suitable for precision mechanical oils, used in telephones, clocks, meters and so on. They are also used in the manufacture of synthetic detergents, insecticides, rubber accelerators and as solvents.