Tomato powder

Tomato powder is the original sauce made from Xinjiang field tomatoes, which is made into natural tomato powder after spray drying

Processing process

The processing process of tomato powder is: tomato → cleaning → picking → hot crushing → pulping → vacuum concentration → drying

(1) Raw material selection

Fresh, mature, bright red, pest free tomatoes are selected as raw materials.

(2) Cleaning

Remove sediment, pesticide residues and microorganisms attached to the fruit.

(3) Picking

Remove the rotten, diseased and insect spotted or poorly colored tomatoes.

(4) Thermal crushing

The crushing methods of tomatoes include hot crushing and cold crushing. Hot crushing refers to the processing method of heating tomatoes to 85 ℃ immediately after crushing. As the hot crushing method can inactivate the pectinesterase and polygalacturonase in tomato pulp in time, the amount of pectin material retained is large, and the final tomato products have high consistency.

(5) Beating

The purpose of beating is to remove the skin and seeds of tomatoes. Two or three beaters are used for beating. The mesh diameter of the first beater is 0.8~1.0cm, and that of the second beater is 0.4~0.6cm. The speed of the beater is generally 800~1200 rpm. The amount of skin slag obtained after beating shall be generally controlled at 4%~5%.

(6) Vacuum concentration

The methods of concentration include vacuum concentration and atmospheric pressure concentration. Due to the high concentration temperature, the heating of tomato paste will lead to the decline of color and flavor and poor product quality; The temperature used for vacuum concentration is about 50 ℃, and the vacuum degree is above 670 mm Hg.

(7) Drying of tomato concentrate

There are many drying methods for tomato concentrate, including freeze drying, expansion drying, drum drying, foam layer drying and spray drying