Recently, I went into the baking pit and found that the cake needs to be added with corn starch, but what is the role of corn starch?! Please look forward to the following breakdown:

① Medicine

When using corn starch, first of all, it can be used in the pharmaceutical industry. This is because corn starch is the most important raw material in the antibiotic industry, and can produce penicillin, cephalosporins and other antibiotics. It has made great contributions to the pharmaceutical industry. Corn starch can also be used as a drug excipient. Many pharmaceutical companies use corn starch as a filler and adhesive, so corn starch is still very important.

② Food processing

In addition, corn starch is also widely used in many industries such as food processing. Not only can we use corn starch in cooking, but also corn starch can be directly used as raw material to produce ice cream and other fast food, and corn starch can also be used. Corn starch is also rich in protein and amino acids that can be absorbed by the human body, which will bring great benefits to the human body. (When making a cake, add it: it is mainly to reduce the strength of the cake. If you use low gluten flour or cake powder (in fact, cake powder is made of flour with corn flour added and some bulking agent added), you do not need to add corn flour. But if you use ordinary flour, you have to add corn flour in order to reduce the gluten of flour, so the cake will be soft, not hard and tough. Also, when mixing the flour, don't try to stir it in circles for too long. Mix it up and down gently to prevent the flour from gluten and the cake will not be soft.)

③ Beer brewing

In addition to the corn starch described above, in fact, corn starch is also the most important raw material for beer. You can directly add corn starch into wort, which can improve the sugar content of fermentation broth, and also simplify the production process. So we should know more about corn starch, which is an important use of corn starch.

Corn starch not only works well in cooking, but also has many uses in daily life. The use of these kinds of corn starch mentioned above is good, which is naturally helpful to our health. So we should know more about corn starch.