Uses of maltitol

1) Maltitol is almost not decomposed in human body, it is a kind of low-calorie sweetener with the same sweetness as sucrose, and its stability and high sweetness are suitable for making various low-calorie and low-fat foods. So it can be used as food ingredients for diabetics and obese patients.
2)Due to the good flavor and taste of maltitol, it has good moisturizing and non-crystallization, and can be used to make various kinds of candies, including foaming marshmallows, hard candies, transparent soft candies, etc.
3) Maltitol is difficult to be used by baker's yeast, mold and other bacteria, and is a difficult fermentable sugar, which can extend the shelf life of bread, and in the manufacture of suspension juice drinks or lactic acid drinks, adding maltitol instead of a portion of sugar can make the drink taste rich and lubricious.
4) Maltitol syrup is an excellent moisturizing agent, which can replace glycerin and be used in the production of cosmetics, toothpaste, etc. Using maltitol in frozen food can make the product delicate and thick, sweet and delicious, and extend the shelf life. Maltitol can give a textural body feeling. There is no need to add any high sweetener and the finished product is refreshing and pleasant.
5) Maltitol population has almost no refreshing sensation and is often used to produce various products instead of sucrose and, at the same time, can also replace fat to produce milk fat products.